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The Story of SideCrow

SideCrow Productions was formed when two old buddies, Jonathan Brown, and Brent Halfyard (also former band mates from the 80’s), needed a cool name for their new audiobook venture. ‘Sidecrow’ is actually an advanced yoga pose that has become a running joke (and challenge) between the two partners… so SideCrow just made sense!

Jonathan James Brown, a published author, narrator, (and deadly drummer) heads up the Los Angeles division, while Brent Giles Halfyard, Narrator, producer, composer, (and stellar bassist) heads up the Canadian end in Vancouver BC. 

SideCrow works direct with authors and publishers for all aspects of audiobook production; from casting and narration, to direction, editing, mastering and distribution.

With two recording studios, one in Los Angeles and one in Vancouver, SideCrow has a growing roster of narrators and editors, paired with the strength of Blackstone Publishing for distribution. 

SideCrow Productions, we're a small but dedicated team ready to tackle your next audiobook. 


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