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Writers Sneekpeak

Brad Applegate was a sensitive soul, so much that he thought there was something wrong with him for most of his life. He smothered his intuitive side with drugs and dangerous exploits for most of his youth, and always felt alone and disconnected. When a friend suggested he may be an empath, Brad replied, "What the hell is that? I'm not a palm reader". Brad went on a journey of discovery and learned he was a specific personality type that explained much of his life's struggles. This is one small story with big consequences about Brad's life as an empath.

Excerpt from The Wedding

As they drew nearer to the reception tables Brad breathed deep and slow and held his head high. He needed to put on his armour and rise above the darkness that lurked amongst the guests. He was preparing for an uncomfortable confrontation with his older brother Gord, whom he hadn’t spoken to in two years. Gord had sent a well intentioned but hollow email two Christmases ago.

I hope you are doing well and enjoying Christmas with your family. It read stiff and empty like an automated message from a service provider.

We are enjoying Christmas here in Croatia, the kids are doing great blah blah fucking blah. As if Brad gave a fuck.

Then came the intent. I hope we can put the past behind us and move forward. Put the past behind us? Brad thought. What the fuck was wrong with him? Does he really think after unleashing the harshest words of contempt and judgement he had ever encountered that this asshole thought I’d simply move on and forget about it?

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