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Audiobook FAQ's

Why Choose SideCrow?

At Sidecrow, we are a small team of authors, narrators and producers ourselves, so we understand how important your story is and how daunting a task it can be to produce an audiobook! We want to meet you by phone or zoom to get to know you and your project better, we are literally with you every step of the way!

Do you cast BIPOC actors?

Absolutely yes. We have a growing list of BIPOC male and female actors to choose from. 

How Do I Get Started?

First we have a conversation about your book and the publisher, author or the RH (rights holder) involvement. Then we go into casting needs (female/ male/ special dialects etc). We get the contracts signed, accept a deposit, post a casting call and send you our top actors. Once a narrator is chosen we deliver the first 15 minutes for your approval, make any adjustments and compete the narration, editing and final production.

How Long Does it Take?

There is no exact timeline as all books are different, but a general rule is three months from casting to market. There are many steps in between and this may go faster or slower (depending mainly on book length).

How Much Does it Cost?

As every book is a different length the cost varies. The longer the book the larger the cost. We start with a free estimate based on the PFH (Per Finished Hour) of your book. Depending on your needs, we offer casting, talent fee, studio time,  editing,  production, project management, administration, final mastering and distribution. (Artwork not included).

Contact us about rates

What If I Am Unhappy with My Audiobook?

First, we work with only top notch talent and producers. Second, you as the publisher, author or the RH (rights holder) always get final approval of the actor and the first fifteen minutes of your audiobook. This (and casting) is an absolutely crucial step. This is all laid out in detail in our RH contract. 

What About Distribution?

We are pleased to work exclusively with BLACKSTONE Publishing for all our distribution needs. Blackstone has the global reach to get your audiobook on every platform available.


Who Does The Marketing and Promotion?

Marketing and promotion is the sole responsibility of the author and /or publisher, rights holder. Although SideCrow 

promotes all titles through our social media platforms, SideCrow Productions does not make any claims or guarantees of audiobook sales. 

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